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Home for School

Online home schooling for children
Home for School provides lessons and support to ensure your childrens skills in English are not forgotten.
"Many expat children have a great start in life as they are able to enjoy a new culture and learn another language. It is enviable how quickly they adapt to a new language. However, it is still important that they master the skills of reading and writing in their mother tongue." (Samantha Scholte, founder)

"Sam has been an excellent online teacher for my son Tom age 11. She has taught him regularly for 18 months. He really looks forward to her lessons & she clearly makes them interesting or he wouldnt say this! He has had her teach him in a small group of 3 or 4 children as well as more recently on a one to one basis. Her lessons are national curriculum based & she takes the time to find out what your child is interested in as well as liaise with parents to find out any special requirements or areas you want her to focus teaching on. I would definitely recommend her."(KL- mum to Tom age 11, March 2012)