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L école Saint Vincent, Rennes

The school Saint Vincent in Rennes is a Private American English/ French bi-lingual school and is situated near the centre of Rennes. The school is catholic school but everyone is welcome to attend.
The School has 4 classes in maternelle - PS - MS and GS. Children can attend from the age of two if they are toilet trained. There are 14 classes in primaire - CP - CE1, CE2 - CM1 -CM2;
This school also has a collège and a lycée which is situated just beside the primary/ maternelle school. The College is a college general as well as SEGPA (Section dEnseignement Général et Professionnel Adapté). The Lycée is a lycée général and professionnel. They purpose many different course such as BAC L, BAC ES, BAC S, BAC OIB international toutes séries in the lycée général and CAP and BAC Pro in the lycée professional. Ecole maternelle et primaire
75, rue de Paris - 35000 Rennes,02 99848109
Collège - Lycée ,Classes préparatoires économiques et commerciales 57-75, rue de Paris CS 46430 - 35064 Rennes Cedex
02 99848100

"Very good school and helpful to get enrolled. Great for children who have difficulties adapting to the french schooling" ( JY, March 2012)

  • About L'Ecole Saint Vincent

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    When and why was the school in Rennes created?
    Saint Vincent School was created in 1842.

    What curriculum does the school follow?
    Saint Vincent is composed of a primary school, a "Collège" for students aged from 11 to 15, a "Lycée" for students aged from 15 to 18, it ends with a French diploma, the "Baccalauréat", and Preparatory classes for entrances to Grandes Ecoles, Universities or Business schools.
    Our school has specificities :
    - American International Section
    - European Section
    - Choral Section
    - Sports Section
    - Sciences Section
    - Artistic Section
    And in creation, a Spanish International Section

    Are the children taught French and English and if so to what level?
    The main language is French. But English is taught from Maternelle to Terminale, the last level before the "Baccalauréat". English is taught by different ways according to the level of students, if they are native English speakers or not.

    How can you assure foreign parents whose children attend your school, that their child will be proficient in French when they leave the school?
    In our school , we welcome foreign students. Some of them dont speak French so they can integrate FLE class, which means French as a foreign language, with a specific teacher. They are in small groups (8 students maximum) and can increase their level of French very fast.

    What is the ratio of French students to foreign students?
    10% of our students have a foreign nationality, included the 30% inside our American International Section. But some of the students have a dual nationality and/or are from bicultural families.

    How does the school select teachers?
    Teachers are mostly employed by the French government, the "Education Nationale". In the American International Section, teachers are mainly recruited and employed by the school.

    How many native English teachers are there at the school in Rennes?
    13 native English teachers are in the shool.

    What is the student / teacher ratio?
    It depends on the level and the year, but the average is 27 students per class. In Amercian International Section, its rather around 21. Except in primary, we average 15 per English class with native speakers and 25 with French pupils in American classes.
    There usually is one teacher per class, except in Maternelle where the teacher has a helper because the pupils are young.

    What are the class sizes? What is the total number of pupils at the school?
    The school counts 2250 students, primary 490, Collège 770, Lycée 800 and Preparatory classes 190. The American International Section counts 550 students.

    What is a typical school lunch?
    A typical lunch at school is above all a self-service restaurant from CP (6 years old) to Terminale (17 years old). Students have between 1 hour and 20 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes to eat. Students eat a 3 course menu (starter, main dish and dessert). Lunches are decided by a Commission composed of the Direction, parents, Restauration responsible and students.

    For what universities are children prepared for when they leave school?
    When they leave school, students can apply to Universities, Foreign Universities, Grandes Ecoles, Sciences Po, Business schools...

    What kinds of support or resources does the school offer parents?
    Parents are welcomed in the school and helped by the Direction and the staff, if necessary. Our very dynamic Familly Network is a huge help for them. The parents of the school can guide new families.

    What is the application process and do you have a waiting list?
    To enrol at the school, you can do a preinscription of your child on line by our website "" or call the school (+33299848100) to have more informations and ask for an inscription file. The best time to register is from March to May. Anyway, we have some families who arrive in Rennes in August and register their children the week before the coming back, but that’s rather risky !

    May 2014