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Centre Hospitalier du Blanc

Seven full time midwives are on hand at the hospital, two delivery rooms and 13 beds.
Centre Hospitalier du Blanc, 33 Rue Saint Lazare, 36300 Le Blanc.
Tel 02 54 28 28 28


"I gave birth to both of my children at Le Blanc. It like a small cottage hospital, very relaxed and friendly. Staff on hand all through the night to help with any worries or questions. I had a private room for both deliveries which cost a little more but our top up insurance covered the cost. My husband was allowed to sleep the night for my first delivery and my husband and daughter were welcome any time of the day with my second delivery. I could not recommend this enough. NB if there are any complications with your pregnancy then you will automatically be sent to Poitiers or Limoges as this is only a grade 1 hospital." (RR, Dec 2010)