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General Services in Paris

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  • Laila Lia- Designer, stylist & make-up artist

    Recommended by Jodie Hutchins

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Stylist & Make-up artist based in Paris Tel:


    "with 23 years of vast experience direct from LA, a known master colourist, never again shall you walk outside with even one grey & can give you an instant image boost for showing a few quick make-up tricks! Laila comes to you anywhere in Paris, hair cuts for whole family, so no need to find time for a babysitter! Life and Beauty made easy!"  (JH, Dec2010)

  • Marcus Ruben - Personal Trainer

    Recommended by Jodie Hutchins

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    Personal Trainer based in Central Paris. Marcus Reuben also coaches Les Minis Football club for kids aged between 5-7 in the Bois de Vincennens Saturday mornings from 10:30 - 11:30 Tel:


    "Can help you regain your pre pregnancy fitness! If you want to take the opportunity to get into the best shape of your life with the help of a qualified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional, Marcus is it! Marcus comes to you at your house or office, he is founded on the belief that a balanced body comes from a training program that places emphasis on 5 components: Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Flexibility and Optimal Nutrition. Your time with Marcus is all about you, and your personal needs and goals" (JH, Dec 2010)

  • Jodie Hutchins- Personal Assistant & Shopping guide

    Recommended by Rubin Howard

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    Jodie acts as your own personal concierge, her enthusiasm is infectious and her passion for Paris is clear. Fluent in both English and French, she makes navigating the city a breeze.
    With over ten years experience as both a personal assistant and shopping guide, Jodie is an expert at tailoring tours or coming to you at yoru house and assisting you organize your personal admin, helping you choose what to keep and what to chuck in your closet, assisting you with cocktail parties, and if youre new to town sharing addresses with you and help ease your way into settling into your new home in Paris.  Your time with Jodie is personal; its about you!  Tel :
    ***Facebook - Jodie In Paris

    " We recently spent the day shopping in Paris with Jodie. We had a wonderful day. Jodie had done her homework in advance and prearranged specialty stores for us to visit. We covered a great deal of ground during the day and found exactly what we were looking for. Jodies knowledge and insight are invaluable. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and will definitely use her again and recoommend her to our friends and family" (RH, Dec 2010)

    "I have worked with and known Jodie Hutchins for almost 8 years now and when I relocated to Paris with my family for work Jodie was an added bonus on all fronts; accommodation, day-to-day activities- schooling, banking, dining etc – all areas were covered and Jodie knows Paris inside out and also speaks French. Jodie’s can do attitude, warmth and energy meant we were never lost in Paris and Jodie can turn her hand to finding a good apartment just in the same way she can seek out a perfect restaurant or French course.
    Jodie is American but has adapted a ‘European Vibe’ meaning she adapts to people from across the world like no one else.
    I highly recommend Jodie Hutchins and her company"
    (Peter da Silva Dec 2010)

    "We hired Jodie In Paris to see parts of the city we had not experienced on prior trips but most importantly, we hired Jodie to customize a day that would be special for our teenage children. Jodie exceeded our expectations in every way possible. Her warm smile, positive energy and ability to charm teenagers made us want to take her back to the US with us! Jodie impressed all of us her knowledge of Paris as well as her unrelenting patience. The day we spent with Jodie was our favorite day in Paris. It wouldnt be fair not to mention we intended on hiring Jodie for one day, but we booked her for several hours each day throughout our stay! I cant imagine our trip to Paris without Jodie. She gave all of us a lifetime of incredible memories" (Deb Flye Dec 2010)

  • The Smartworking Company

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    Networking and training workshops for individuals and groups. Work/life balance seminars Smartworking also helps multinationals to create internal women’s initiatives and also works with many mothers who have left their company to start a business.
    Tel: +33 (0)1-56-08-29-50

  • Rendez-vous in Paris wedding & event planners

    Recommended by Tiffany & Brian

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    Wedding and event planners based in Paris. Can also organize bachelor and bachelorette parties.
    13, rue Benjamin Franklin 75116 Paris
    Tel +33 676 331 529

    "Despite only 3 weeks of planning, our elopement to Paris was more spectacular and romantic than we could have ever imagined and appeared as if we had been planning for months.
    Heather was instrumental in making that happen. She coordinated every aspect of our day to perfection. The vendors she recommended were both outgoing and professional and left us with vivid memories of our magical day"
    (Tiffany & Brian October 2010)


    "Organising a wedding is tricky enough, without having to do it in Paris with only three months notice! And, as we found out the hard way, anybody can call themselves a Parisian Wedding Planner, so finding Heather was truly a godsend!Her professionalism and efficiency, along with her kindness and elegance made it such a pleasure to work with Heather and her great team of recommended vendors. The result was a fabulous and fun weekend for us and all our guests in Paris. Thanks so much Heather!"
    (Antonia & Eddie Sept 2010)

  • Plumber - MS Bati

    Recommended by Christina Greveldinger

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    MS Bati
    28 ave de la Republique
    93380 Pierrefitte sur seine
    Mr Zemmouri


    "He is very, very good. He speaks English as well" (CV, March 2011)

  • The Paris Anglophone Bookclub

    Recommended by Catherine Sharp-Aouchiche

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    The Paris Anglophone Bookclub meets a couple of times a month in various venues across Paris. All English-speakers are welcome, whether or not its their first language. They might discuss a book that everybodys read, sometimes with a Paris or French theme, or talk about a theme like bad books, or visit a used-book sale.

  • La Parisienne Business Centre

    Recommended by Bernadette Martin

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    La Parisienne Business Centre  is a virtual assistant business providing bookkeeping services and executive level business/administrative support to small businesses, associations,  entrepreneurs, and individuals.


    “I highly recommend Patricia. She set me up on a tailored accounting system that was perfect for my needs as a consultant. Originally, I thought I needed one of the major accounting system software platforms but in fact all the “bells and whistles” were not necessary. Pat’s demeanor is very professional and pleasant. She explains things well for those who are accounting adverse. She is also very responsive, available and quick to reply to questions and emails. In addition to my bookkeeping needs she is handling my taxes as well” ( Bernadette Martin – Visibility Branding, July 2011)


  • Welcome Pass

    Recommended by Colette

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    Welcome Pass is France’s first English speaking 24/7 personal assistance service. There are 2 sections: 1. International visitors and 2. Expatriates in France.
    They offer three months, six months and one year memberships for expatriates and also offer trial periods.
    The service is available all day - every day, 365 days a year. Available by telephone, online and/or with a mobile app. For expatriates living in France, they’ll receive a bi-monthly e newsletter as well as invitations to attend events around their home, for free.
    Here are a few examples of some requests Welcome Pass can carry out:
    Last minute babysitting
    Personalized dining recommendations (based on member preferences)
    Planned weekend getaways
    Face to face cooking classes with French Chefs
    English speaking tour guides for the most original parts of France ( i.e. hot air balloon rides over the Loire Valley, horseback riding in the countryside of Gers , château tours )
    Discounts at workshop courses: wine tastings and classes, floral arrangements, macaroon baking classes , French table etiquette
    Language coaching for kids and parents
    Plumbing services
    Romantic weekend destinations
    Wedding venues
    Surprise parties for children

    "The service is really important because it does serve as a life line and I know that in the case of an emergency, have someone to call and even though there are organizations that I can access where I can meet other likeminded expatriates, they’re not available 24/7, I can’t call them in the middle of the night, I can’t call them when I’m lost or when I need help and I know that with service I can. So I always have someone at the end of the line when I need it and it gives me a great sense of comfort and it made me much more settled in my new environment here. What’s nice about this service is that is if I just relied on my American tour guide books I would end up in restaurants that just served American tourists. With Welcome Pass I end up in places that locals know go to and that people insiders know about and I feel like I am getting the Parisian experience.I think that anyone can benefit from Welcome Pass, especially when you’re transplanting yourself from a culture that you’re familiar to and to a culture to a culture that you’re not familiar to and anyway you look at it you’re going to need some help along the way and for that, this service is perfect" (Colette, Sep 2011)

  • Nutritionist Charlotte Debeugny

    Recommended by Siobhan

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    Charlotte Debeugny is a UK Registered Nutritional Therapist, based in the Western surburbs of Paris. She is also a member of the
    CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), which is supported by the Department of Health in the UK. Nutritional Therapy recognises the importance of diet and lifestyle in influencing health and wellbeing. Charlotte focuses on producing tailored eating plans to support clients with various health concerns as well as encouraging and motivating her clients to make lifestyle changes. She works from home or can travel to your home address. Tel  +33 6 10 98 65 48


    "Charlotte was my ray of light after I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Before my consultation with Charlotte, I had immersed myself in too many books about the long term disease. I was baffled by the information I had read and most importantly by the very important matter of what to eat. I had tried many different exclusion diets which were very severe as well as very bland!. Charlotte with her no nonsense approach made it all very manageable. She advised me on a realistic exclusion diet along with a healthy eating plan and supplement programme. I may face periods of joint inflammation and fatigue given the nature of this disease, however, I feel more positive and optimistic having been equipped with Charlottes nutritional programme. I have noticed a marked decrease in my fatigue and inflammation levels. For anyone reading this, that may be struggling to overcome an illness in a foreign country, that is currently feeling overwhelmed by which dietary changes to make, I would seriously recommend contacting Charlotte" (Siobhan November 2011)

  • Fanny Muller Life Coach

    Recommended by Mike Hogan

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    Based in Paris, Fanny spent more than 25 years working in the United States. She became a life coach because she is dedicated to helping others transform their lives. You can contact Fanny for one-to-one life coaching and you can also speak to her over Skype or phone


    “Fanny is a truly exceptional life coach. Having worked with Fanny for more than a year and witnessed positive life changes including improved confidence and self esteem, happiness, success in my business, and a deeply improved relationship with myself and understanding of my being I would not hesitate to recommend her services to those seeking the support and tools to bring out their best. The teachings and tools that Fanny has shared with me have become a part of my everyday routine and I associate much of the positive change in my life to the work I have done with her as my Life Coach” (RA June, 2011)

    “Fanny is an outstanding Life/Career Coach. At a time in my life where I needed that extra assistance in getting through some personal and work issues, Fanny was there to help me see things in a different light and to show me that there is a different perspective to every situation. Through weekly meetings at first, Fanny helped me re-focus on those things in life that are most important to me. Throughout our meetings she would share with me some tools that I could use outside of our sessions that would help me stay on track whenever I found myself going back into my same patterns. 1.5 years later, I am still using those same tools. They are invaluable. I am not saying the process was (is) an easy one. It never is when you are actually looking at yourself and seeing that something needs to change within for you to move forward in life, but through her caring, nurturing delivery, you feel comfortable in sharing those deeper feelings and private experiences, so that you can acknowledge them, realize whether those aspects are the real you, and if not, then learn to let them go and be happy with that decision. She is persistent because she knows everyone has it in them to be happy without having the "drama" in life. She is passionate about this profession because she enjoys seeing people happy in life. If you find yourself repeating some of the same habits and you do not seem to be able to get out of that circular path in life that you are on and you are ready to MAKE A CHANGE and REALLY look at yourself, then Fanny is the person to see. She makes you work to see what traits are in you that are preventing you from succeeding in your career, love life, happiness, etc. You name it, she will help you get to the root of the problem(s) so that you can accept them and move on so that you can truly be happy and live this one life that we have to its fullest. She really showed me the only journey in life is the journey within! Thanks to Fanny I am happy with my life and love everything about it. Thank you Fanny!” Mike Hogan February, 2010)

    [“I had been living my life, playing it safe, in fear of what might happen if I wanted too much. Then one day it happen. My relationship fell apart, my job went away due to the economy and everything I was afraid of was happening right in front of me. I got a great new job, I pushed my pain and fears down and went for it. I was going to immerse myself into my work and be the best I could be. Then, everything went wrong. My confidence hit rock bottom, I lost control of my emotions and couldn’t go on. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t focus, I resigned from my job and felt like a failure at love and life. I started working with Fanny and her coaching has been instrumental in helping me discover major barriers or limiting beliefs that had been keeping me in a fearful and insecure state for most of my life. Upon these discoveries, Fanny taught me how to transform and release these barriers and beliefs that no longer serve me. Within a year of this investment in myself I started seeing results. I now have deeper and I am present in my personal and professional relationships. I am conscious of everything I do in my life and have the tools to manifest what I want to see in my life, from losing weight, pursuing new opportunities or new love relationships. As a result of my utilizing these tools I am a balanced, self-confident, responsible woman who is claiming the life she deserves. This has been the best investment I have ever spent on myself. Thank you Fanny” (Carla Werner , May 2011)

    Ryan M. hired you as a Life Coaching in 2010 and hired you more than once
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity