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Life Coach Fanny Muller

"As adult we have developed bad habits instead of powerful ones so by Coaching the parents on changing their old habits they develop a new way of relating to their children who learn to manage their emotions and interact well with others so they too can be happy from the beginning and lead a successful and fulfilling life" (FM, Nov 2011)

  • How would you describe the role of a life coach?
    Life Coaching help you identify goals and recognize the habitual thought patterns that lead to self limiting ideas. It also help you gain tools that can transform obstacles into a pathway of achieving lasting fulfillment.

    What is your background?
    During my life I have traveled a wealth of singular and interlocking paths of learning, healing, expression and metamorphosis, while moving from Paris, New York City, the Hawaiian islands, and now Tahoe. There is knowledge gained from navigating the currents of such change. The art of transitioning is often the most vital part of fulfilling one’s life goals. A quarter century of continued personal growth that allows me the understanding to be a successful Life Coach. I am certified thru CTI and Transformational Coaches Center and additional educational programs.

    How does life coaching differ from counseling or Psychotherapy?
    A Life Coach inspires , stimulates, gives new perspective and motivates with your Life Goals as well as giving you permanent tools to help you transform ! Its a Pro-active technique .
    A Psychologist will spend more time analysing your past as well as your current emotions and will decide of your chemical , physical , emotionnal imbalance and provide Anti-Depressor . The key word with Psychologie is Analysing the difference with Life Coaching is Assessing and Transforming .
    Although Life Coaching touches on the passed since all emotional roots comes from there it is not a place of Analysing with Coaching but realizing and recognizing where patterns comes from so you can gain perspective and clarity that helps you shift !.
    Life Coaching helps you take charge of your life and keep you focused .

    In what circumstances would you say most people are in need of a life coach as opposed to counseling?
    In my experience people hire a Life Coach when they want to create real changes in their current life when they feel at a road block and wants to create support in achieving their goal or simply to create harmony and balance .

    At what stage of life do most people want to change their lives?
    When they need assistance in the challenges they are going thru , when they realize that what they have been doing isnt giving them the result they hoped for and are ready to gain new knowlegde to propel them forward .

    Is the desire for change more prevalent among men or women? 
    In my career as a Life Coach , i have had as many men as women .

    When people come to you for advice, what tend to be their main issues?
    Issues varies with each individual clients . It can go from wanting to change career , to create a more harmonious balance life , lose weight , to want a relationship or improve one with your spouse , children or family life , as well as giving support to people in transitions who have moved in a different country , or again people going through divorces .

    You have worked both in the States and now in France – have you found that the reasons people come to see you differ in each country?
    No I havent in term of the challenges they are the same. Its all about perspective !

    How much do people need to help themselves if they want to change their life?
    First off the distinction is in the wanting a deep desire to reach their goal and in wanting to transform repeated old behaviors that brings same results . To create new behaviors that brings long lasting result , people must be willing to take a real honest look at themselves and I give them support in learning to do it kindly !

    How many sessions do you think an individual requires if they are looking to change direction?
    It varies with each clients goals and desires as well as their abilities to grow quickly. Life Coaching doesnt want to hook people in hiring Life Coaches for the rest of their lives, the techniques are created to give them long lasting tools to lead to a successful, happy, fulfilling life. Some of my clients hav stayed with me for a short time bet 3 and 7 months, others, between 1 and 2 year , it takes time to change patterns that have existed in you for so long but reaching your goals in life are worth it ! What is one year of your life dedicating yourself to creating new uplifting changes so you can live the next 20 years in peace and fulfilllment? Everything in life takes a commitment to reach its full potential and it all begins with the self.

    When someone comes to see you for the first time, what do you need to hear from them and how do you deal with those issues?
    The first thing I want to know is how much they want what they say they want , what are they willing to give up ? what are they willing to change ? We look at the overall picture and from there we establish a plan . The second is to establish a place of trust as it is challenging to feel vulnerable and in sharing yourself ; Thirdly , all approaches are looked at from a place of non judgement but a place of kindness and compassion toward being human.

    Why do you think there is a greater need for life coaching in current times?
    Our world is going through some deep changes and in so creating a lot of fear of the future.

    As well as personal coaching, what other types of coaching do you offer?
    All life situations be it business or personal , is handled from an emotional response weither conscious or not so to me it all begin with personal Coaching.

    In what ways can parents help/coach their children who are going through difficulties? How can you help with this?
    As adult we have developed bad habits instead of powerful ones so by Coaching the parents on changing their old habits they develop a new way of relating to their children who learn to manage their emotions and interact well with others so they too can be happy from the beginning and lead a successful and fulfilling life.

    What sort of issues do children need help with?
    Just as with Adult it varies with individual clients.

    Would you advise parents to send children directly to you for help?
    It depends on the problem at hand and the depth of it. In general I prefer to see the parents first and after assessing the situation decide to see them separately or not or if at all.

    If people are interested in using your services, how can they get in touch? Is it possible for people living outside of Paris to communicate either via phone or email?
    My Life Coaching services are available via phone or skype ! i have found that its more challenging for beginning coaching to do it over emails as so much can be lost in translation .
    Payments can be done via Pay Pal or Checks .
    Life Coaching sessions are 80€ / hour and 100€ / hour 1/2 . I offer packages for people who are committed to transform their lives and discussed during the first Life Coaching Introduction session which is Free .
    I can be reach via email to set up time for Introductory session .