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What to pack for your baby


Babies can Fly! Yes, its scary and overwhelming to fly with your baby for the first time, but getting over the mental barrier will open your life to so many possibilites!...

What to pack in your cabin bag

Buying a stroller is a very good investment as your baby can sleep in it while you are at the airport and during transit on longer flights. Buy one that is very thin and compact so you can take it to the door of the plane. I only suggest to buy one if your baby walks and if he is too heavy to be in a baby carrier.

In your cabin bag: pack all essentials for your baby’s hygiene, feed time, and play time.

Passport/ID card and a visa if needed
baby carrier
diapers (the disposable ones!)
changing mat
wipes or lotion with cotton pads
medical and first aid supply (pain relievers, arnica in gel)
homeopathy to calm him down
a burp cloth
an extra outfit
a jersey and a blanket as it is colder in planes
a pair of socks
favourite toys and soft toys
a bib (can be disposable)
a dummy if your baby uses one
water bottle
baby bottle
powdered milk or already prepared milk formula
cookies or fruit puree and /or yogurt
for longer flights, bring all your baby’s meals along, even if you requested a baby’s meal from the air company. Always take a bit more than what you need to be sure. Also, delays happen!

What to pack in your main luggage

very few diapers as you can buy them at the local destination (save space for other things!)
food to start with (a 2 day supply so it gives you time to find the right type of food/ingredients if you go to a foreign country); don’t forget to hire a steamer/mixer so your baby can still taste mommy’s yummy food!
more compacts and favourite toys and a musical toy to fall asleep
sleeping bag (you can also rent it)
enough clothing for cold/warm weather (one change per day plus add 2 more in case)
hat/swimming suit
sun protection
thermometer for the bath and for the body
wipes/lotion with cotton pads
cotton buds
medication (first aid supply)
small bottle of "baby head to toe" soap
samples of baby perfume
nail clipper
compress/physiological liquid
face cream
nappy/rash cream
cutlery, bowl if you dont rent them
a baby fan or a sprayer (this is for hot/ humid weather)
your childs health record book

Check if you are allowed to take a 10kg luggage for your baby or if it is equal to bring your stroller along.
For the rest, do not forget that you can hire! You will have more pleasure bring more souvenirs back!

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