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Babys First Aid Kit

Here is a list of what you should need for your babys first aid kit. According to your destination, you will need more or less. Always seek your babys pediatrician for advice.

Infant and/or child thermometers
Childrens and/or infants acetaminophen and ibuprofen, as recommended by your pediatrician, to relieve fever and mild pain
Antihistamines, as recommended by your pediatrician, for insect bites, hives, and allergic reactions
Topical calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream (.5%) for insect bites and rashes
Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes
Irrigating eye wash to rinse irritants from eyes
Saline nose drops to clear stuffy noses
Aloe gel for burns
Tweezers for removing splinters, ticks...
A pair of sharp scissors
Child-safe sunscreen
Child-safe insect repellent
Nasal aspirator bulb
An assortment of adhesive bandage strips in various sizes and shapes (for childrens sensitive skin, get the less-sticky kind)
Gauze rolls (1/2 to 2 inches wide)
Gauze pads (2 by 2 inches and 4 by 4 inches)
Adhesive tape
Sterile cotton balls
Cotton-tipped swabs
Mild liquid soap (most antibacterial and deodorant soaps are too strong for babies sensitive skin)
An oral syringe or calibrated cup or spoon or special dummy for administering medicines
Blanket (space blanket)
First-aid manual

Additional items to include if recommended by your pediatrician:

Rehydration fluids, to rehydrate children with diarrhea
Epinephrine injector, asthma inhaler, or other prescription medication if your child is allergic to bee stings, peanuts, or shellfish, or if he has some other type of life-threatening allergy

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