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Tips for flying with your baby

I love flying. It is an enjoyable moment for me. But with a baby or toddler, we believe that we are less mobile. It is just a question of organisation, really. I am sure that you know that by now. Baby Included ™ is here for you. In order to help you get ready for your wonderful family holiday, here are some pieces of advice.

First of all

Try to flight at night if you go take a long courier, as it will not disturb your baby’s habit too much.

Try to take as few planes as possible. It may be more expensive, sometimes, to take one plane instead of two or three, but think of your child first, which basically means it is better for your stress level!

When booking a seat, make sure you ask for a seat with a baby cot in front of you. It can carry babies who weight under 10kg for 70 cm high. They can sit in it, play in it, and of course sleep. Moreover, those special places are by a wall so you have more space for your legs and baby can play there too; and you are near the bathrooms, which is great when it is time for a nappy change!

Make sure that you see your paediatrician before hand, so he can advise you or not if baby can travel to the desired destination. Ask him if all vaccines are in order and whether he can prescribe a medication or homeopathy so your child can sleep better or remain calmer.

If your destination is a country which has a jet lag of 3 hours minimum, you should go there for no less than 10 days.

If the time change at your destination is between 1 to 2 hours and your trip is short, try to make baby live in your normal time zone.

On board

Hydrate your baby often, as well as yourself.

Make him walk in the aisles if he needs exercise, so he can sleep better afterwards.

Usually, stewardess gives you a pack with soft toys and/or crayons according to his age. Use them while flying so your child can experience a pleasant trip and feel spoiled.

When it is time to sleep, put your baby in his babygrow, so he understand what is about to happen. Then put him to bed as you do it usually: read a story, sing and rock him… He needs to feel you.

At destination

Change your baby in a new outfit, so he feels ready to begin (or end) his day.

In order to re adjust him to the local time, try to shift his feeding time slowly. You can give him a snack such as fruit puree, a yogurt or a cookie if he is hungry until it is time to eat lunch or dinner.

Shift his sleeping time too. Remember, babies and toddlers will readjust to time quicker than adults! You may find yourself wanting to sleep (because you have to) while your baby wants to play with you on the bed! Let him be near you, it will calm him down and soon you will be able to put him to bed.

Time ahead: When the night comes, keep the shutters/curtains close so that he can understand that it is sleeping time and keep lights at their lowest capacities. Put him down when he is ready (a later time than an usual night if you are ahead of time - local time). When morning comes, you see that he is still sleeping like an angel, wake him up to start the day (same as home but in your new time zone.), he can fall asleep in his pram later.

Back in time: When the night comes, put him down at his bedtime local time (which would be later than at home) and wake him up at the usual time but local time.

In 2 to 3 days maximum, he is back on track! You can enjoy showing him new places. Have fun!

This article has been kindly supplied by Baby Included