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The, highly acclaimed, French healthcare system, ranked first in the world by the WHO in 2000, is mainly financed by the government through the national health insurance system (Sécurité sociale). The entire population must pay compulsory health insurance, based on income and this entitles you to consult any medical practicioner/specialist in France. The patient must pay for their visit but the Sécurité sociale reimburses the majority of the payment. To receive a full reimbursement you must register yourself with your local GP (members of the same family may choose different GPS but parents must sign a declaration for children under 16). If you are registered to the Sécurité sociale you will receive a green card (carte vitale), which you must take to each appointment and present when buying prescription medicines.

If you/your partner works for a French company then your employer will apply for a social security number and your contributions will automatically be deducted from your salary.

If you/your partner are self-employed, you will have to individually register for a social security number and your contributions will be calculated dependent on income and business activity.

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