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Winter and Summer Walks

One great thing to do as a family in Alsace is snowshoe walking on the Vosges massif. Le Markstein and very near by Le Grand Ballon are fantastic places to go to in winter. Sledging, skiing, snowshoe walking, throwing snow balls, and even snow kites for the most adventurous ones (teens maybe, or crazy parents !!) In Spring or summer, there are nice walks to do, and great blueberry or rasberry pies to eat at the Hotel du Grand Ballon or at the Ferme Auberge du Grand Ballon. Le Grand Ballon is the highest peak in the Vosges Massif, culmulates at 1424, and offers fantastic views on the Alsatian plain, the Black Forest, the Alps and apparently even peaks in Austria and Liechstenstein (AM, April 2011)